Commissions are OPEN

Pricing, Terms, And Information:

Pricing (US$) 

Lineart $30 | Flat $50 | Shading $90

Half Body: 
Lineart $60 | Flat $80 | Shading $120

Seamless Patterns:


Extra Character Bust: 
+$15 Lineart | +$25 Flat | +$35 Shading
Extra Character Half Body: 
+$25 Lineart | +$35 Flat | +$45 Shading
+$10 simple | +$30 complex
Mecha: +$30
NSFW: +$20
Extra Edits: $5 each, after initial two
Process Video (Real Time or Timelapse): $30

All transactions are done through Paypal, currently, but we can discuss other methods.


  • Commissions are for personal use only, unless we've agreed on a commercial license. This means I retain the copyright of my images. You are allowed to use it in any way, without attribution, as long as it's NOT being reproduced on merchandise, redistributed, sublicensed, or sold. If you wish to commission me for commercial use (brandings, cover art, shirt designs) please contact me to discuss license prices, above prices are NOT commercial prices. 
  • You are coming to me because you have an interest in my work, you are accepting this is my style and while I can try other things, it's not what I'm experienced in. The only thing I refuse to draw, without consideration, is copying/editing another artist's work.
  • Work will not be started until payment has been received or the initial down payment, as agreed on in contract, has been paid.
  • I offer two reasonable edits after we've moved into the lineart stage before there will be added fees.
  • If you want a process video of your piece, please let me know BEFORE I start the lineart.
  • All the art I produce is subject to being shared publicly in its various stages on my social media unless we have agreed upon in the contract that it's not to be disclosed.

Don't be afraid to ask questions! If there is something you'd like but I've not listed it in the prices, just ask, it might have simply been something I overlooked.

Please send questions or requests to